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We provide high-quality NOx sensors for cars and trucks in addition we also
offer the solution to switch off the entire AdBlue system.

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Anyone who has ever heard of an NOx sensor or lambda sensor has probably also already had dealings with them. Sensors are sensitive components in a vehicle and therefore require a certain type of expertise to guarantee their operation. NOx Sensorshop has the knowledge, expertise and products to offer a suitable answer to every NOx issue. Regardless of the type of vehicle: from passenger car to delivery van or truck.

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Now available, AdBlue Removal

Does your foreign buyer want trucks without an AdBlue system? And you want to be able to switch off the AdBlue system and consumption completely? Then the AdBlue Removal is the right solution for you!

Do you have problems with the NOx sensors, or a broken AdBlue pump? Do you want to remove the entire AdBlue pump, or do you just want to switch off the AdBlue system? Then the AdBlue Removal is the solution for you.

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