Adblue Removal

Now also available: AdBlue Removal

Does your foreign buyer want trucks without an AdBlue system? And you want to be able to switch off the AdBlue system and consumption completely? Then the AdBlue Removal is the right solution for you!

Do you have problems with the NOx sensors, or a broken AdBlue pump? Do you want to remove the entire AdBlue pump, or do you just want to switch off the AdBlue system? Then the AdBlue Removal is the solution for you.

The module ensures that the entire AdBlue system on the car or truck is switched off without being noticed in the engine management system. As a result, no error codes are visible on the dashboard and the system indicates that everything is functioning normally. The vehicle therefore does not run in an emergency and therefore does not contain any power. There will also be no malfunctions in the AdBlue system. The AdBlue consumption is thus reduced to zero.

Installation of the module is quite easy to implement. With the enclosed manual you are in a good position to assemble the AdBlue Removal yourself.

Even with active failures! Repair NOT required!

The AdBlue Removal is supplied for every brand of truck (broken NOx sensor / AdBlue pump)

The AdBlue system can only be switched off in countries where the Euro 4, 5 and 6 standards are not legally applicable (only in countries outside the European Union)