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AdBlue Outbox EURO 6 TGS Emitec

FSP performance AdBlue removal solution

AdBlue Outbox EURO 6 TGS Emitec

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FSP Performance

TypeEuro 6
Warranty:12 months
Product description

As an Adblue removal solution we offer our hardware product "AdBlue Out Box". This box ensures that the entire AdBlue system on the truck is switched off without this being switched off in the engine management system. As a result, no error codes will be visible on the dashboard and the system will indicate that everything is functioning normally. AdBlue consumption will be reduced to zero.

Construction of this box is fairly easy to carry out. With the supplied manual you are well able to assemble this yourself.

Important: The AdBlue Out Box may only be operated in countries where the Euro 4 + 5 and 6 standard are not legally applicable (only in countries outside the European Union / only for export outside the EU. If in doubt, consult the legislation of your own country).

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